Saturday, October 10, 2009

Thought of the Day #263 - B & L

In days gone by, when working at the office or in school, I rarely ate
breakfast or lunch. I wouldn't get hungry nor suffer any ill effects.
Jump ahead to the synthetic thyroid hormone years and now I actually get
downright crabby if I don't have something to eat during the entire day.
Today, I was too busy to eat during the day. Long about 4o'clock, I was
in a "don't bother me!!" mode. Grrrr. I didn't really have physical
effects, but dang, my emotional strings were short! Had dinner and all
was well with the world again. I almost think I was better off being moods weren't dependent upon nourishment. Of course I
didn't have extreme highs either...just a constant hummmmmmmm....