Saturday, October 03, 2009

Thought of the Day #258 - Tumor?

While I don't really think it's a tumor, a recently discovered ball
under the skin on my pinky, the thought has crossed my mind. Knowing
just enough about disease to be dangerous is a bad thing. For now, I
will just obsess about the ball. If it changes I might consult a
professional. Maybe. You know there are really only four options - live
with it; it will go away on its own; it will go away with treatment; or
I'll die from it.


Gary said...

Get it looked at straight away then you will definitly know or if it is or not. Best not to leave stuff like that. Stuff like scares me.

Anonymous said...

I believe that's one of your marbles.

Seriously though... It's probably something benign, but why not get it checked out?

Bobber said...

I once cut my thumb on a table saw (yes, doing something dumb) and some months after it had healed, a hard bb sized ball formed just under the skin nearby. It finally worked its way near the surface and I got it to pop out. I was never sure what it was, but it never came back either. I guessed a cyst, but it could have been something else. Perhaps it could be something like that, Cat. As said, best to have it checked out.

Cat said...

Oh, c'mon...ya'll vote for going to the doctor for a little bump under the skin on my pinky? It's already smaller, so stop your worrying! (Although, I do appreciate your worries. Y'all are so sweet!)