Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Thought of the Day #234 - Closets

I live in a house that is over 80 years old. In those days, people had
less crap to hang onto, so closets weren't very important. In a three
bedrooms house, there's two little closets. The master bedroom has no
closet. I dream of the days when I had an apartment with a massive
walkin closet. I had my clothes arranged in color order. (Yes, a bit
anal!) There was so much shelving that I had room to spare. Ah, the good
old days. I now reach into the side of the wee closet where the clothing
rod is and "feel" for the article I'm seeking. If I'm lucky, I'll grab
the right one.


Bobber said...

The first house I owned in Boise was only 40 yrs old (in 1980) and it was no different than yours and closet space was one of the first things we remodeled. People do have more "Stuff" than they used to. Remember, grandma and grandpa had fewer clothes also, and much less other stuff as well. And they used dressers and Armoire's more.

The kitchen in that Boise house had only one countertop outlet. The bathroom had one on the chain-switched light fixture. And this was not a cheapo house! That has to tell us something about why these old houses need so much upgrading these days to meet our needs.

gazza said...

The last place had 2 awesome walk in closets. This house is rubbish. if you leave a cup out the place is cluttered.