Saturday, August 22, 2009

Thought of the Day #225 - Search Statistics

I was looking through my site's report through Google Analytics and while my site's traffic is WAAAAAY down from what it was several years ago, there's quite a few of you loyal viewers out there. It's good to know that there are a few of you out there!

I thought you might enjoy a little look into how some people happen to find my site through search engines. I bring you the funniest of the search phrases and my official replies for those who probably didn't find the answers they were looking for:

bbw vegas bash will i get laid; No idea, but if you're planning a year in advance, the chances of it happening next year probably isn't that good. Sorry!

fat vikings Not even sure what they were looking for here. Favre isn't fat..and probably most linebackers on the team would be considered 'fat'.

kind of monkeys There are lots of varieties of monkeys. This isn't the right site to find them. Sorry. Try here:

no carbs in bacon Depending upon the type of bacon, I'm sorry to report that there are carbs in some bacon. Brown sugar or maple bacon for instance...plenty of carbs.

nude superpussies You're on the wrong site. No nude superpussies that I'm going to show ya, anyway.

office stationery design showcase Ummm...definitely the wrong site. Try designing your own!:

piglet flower +tatoo What the hell? Seriously, if you're going to get piglet with a flower tattoo and you don't know *exactly* how you want it to appear already, you proably shouldn't be surfing for it online. Step away from the liquor and pull yourself together before going to the tattoo parlor.

preparation h on cats bum Never had it on my bum...just what are you asking?!

squeeze cheese canada heheheh. Maybe Canadian squeeze cheese is different than the US variety? The best part about Canadian squeeze cheese, is that after consuming mass quantities, you can get free healthcare when the aftereffects aren't what you expect.

what is something fun and easy to give to a cat for fun I'm thinking that Preparation H may be fun for them.

Thanks for playing, everyone!


Bobber said...

Search engines leave a bit to be desired, especially when primed by ad dollars. The much heralded Bing is only incrementally better than Ask, if you were to ask me. And google and yahoo ~ well, they work but not nearly as friendly as they once might have been. I find I do a lot more wading through junk than I used to, at least with many queries. JMO