Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thought of the Day #222 - Open to Interpretation

I believe that everyone offers something beneficial to society.
Significant benefits or miniscule, they all do their part. So, seeing
how everyone has that potential for good, I wonder what causes people to
make poor societal or personal decisions.

It dawned on me that maybe they're seeing things differently than me.
I'm not just saying from a philosphical standpoint, but actually seeing
different colors or shapes...or maybe the sounds they hear are
interpreted by their brains in such a way that the sound of nails on a
chalkboard to them sounds like a quacking duck.

We know how the body's tools are designed, but we have no concrete idea
how our brains *actually* interpret this information. For instance, if
we both had the same set of eyeballs connected to our brains and a crow
flies by. My brain sees a black bird, and when I peek into your brain
you are seeing what I might call a pink elephant. Same input, it's just
that our brains interpret the information from the eye-tools

So, let's say this is what is happening...and you make a foolish
decision punch your boss. Maybe it's not your fault, but it's that your
brain is completely seeing things differently. Possibly the details that
were interpretted by your brain were somewhat skewed, not by personal
choice or the inability to manage emotions -- it's just the facts
completely skewed. With the information your brain being so diffeent,
your action was correct given the data.

There has to be a reason for ill reasoning and poor decisions, and maybe
this is a potential cause?

Maybe? Maybe I'm just wrong.