Saturday, August 15, 2009

Thought of the Day #217 - Rural Trash

Driving on the rural highways (not the main interstates) in Utah, you
see a LOT of trash along the side of the road. You'd think that it's
legal or even encoraged, but it's not. It's sooooo bad in some areas
that you can't see grass. It's just flippin' nutz. If you're drinking a
soda and driving, keep your flippin' can/bottle with you until you get
home or to a service station, numbnutz.

I recently remembered a trash collection idea that was used for
innertubers on the Apple River in Wisconsin. They had random point
graded bullseyes that were 6ft tall. The idea was to encourage the
innertubers to toss their trash as a sport/entertainment diversion. So,
I was thinking that the same idea could be used along rural highways.
Small little turn outs with trash collecting targets that would
encourage the typical trash tosser to toss "responsibly" and have a
little fun, too.
Volunteers could go to the targets on a regular basis to take the trash
to the recyclers in the area.


Bobber said...

Good idea, Cat. Hopefully hunters and others would not treat your roadside bulls eyes like they have Stop and road signs. And one might wonder at the sport some inebriated drivers might have tossing beer cans. In that case, I'd wonder which would make it to the bulls eye ~ the can or the car?!