Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thought of the Day #214 - Painter 11

Corel Painter 11 - an amazing digital art program that I used fairly often several years ago, but with which just recently become reacquainted.

While I was putzing around, I came across a tutorial on how to clone-paint photos. While I don't think this is a masterpiece by any stretch, it did turn out pretty good for 15 minutes of work or so:
The newest version -- 11, has so many more tricks than the version I used almost a decade ago. Having a couple of gigs of RAM has made it slick, too. No more paint - wait - paint - wait. Strokes are instantaneous unless you're using a large brush.

Sooo, sooo cool and I've only just started to rediscover the program. if you have any interest at all in digital art, I heartily recommend it.


Gary said...

Thats a great photo. the brush strokes are very realistic. I have never used corel painter or any of the corel packages. I always stuck to the adobe ones. I think I might get it and give it a go.

Gary said...

Just a quick add. I really would love a large printer that can print on canvas. They are really expensive though. Have you thought about getting some art printed on canvas? Maybe you can sell them on etsy.

Cat said...

You can download the full version to try for 30 days. Do it...you know you want to...

I have a friend (well, actually a client) that does printing on canvas. If i create a really cool "painting", I'll have to have him print one for me.