Sunday, August 02, 2009

Thought of the Day #206 - Voices in My Head

When I watch some horror movies, I'm reminded of the snippet of voices that I used to hear in my head as a kid. It was an incoherent grouping of sounds that sounded like voices, but probably talking a foreign language or that the voices were too muddled to be clearly heard. It also sounded like the voices were slightly sped up from a normal talking cadence. So, yeah, I can kind of remember the sound, but it's really fuzzy now. When I heard it somewhat regularly, it was still really random -- not like it was triggered by anything in particular. I don't recall when I last heard it, but I would guess it was around 11 or so.

To make things even more interesting (and spooky), there was a visual that went along with it in my head. I never actually saw it, but in my "minds-eye", the image was kind of a bubbly fleshy mass that mutated into something like rotten dough...stringy and bubbly. Again, the snippet of images would follow along with the snippet of voices.

I remember telling my mom & dad about the voices and they would ask me what they were saying and I always said I couldn't understand them. I'm sure they thought I was nuts. Maybe it was a memory of something that was being replayed? I used to think (and still like to believe) that something or someone was trying to communicate with me. That's ooooh so much better than childhood mental illness, right?


Canor63 said...

You were probably hearing thoughts, the general noise of people going about their business. I can tune in at night if I want to. You just grew out of it.

Cat said...

Hmmmm...maybe I just choose to not hear?

Terris Closet of Curiosities said...

I used to hear something simular at night before going to sleep, but I always associated it with memories of childrens school-yard chatter in my head from that day. Plus I saw teeny red or white "dots" in the darkness. Funny huh??

Cat said...

Oh, that's interesting, Terri! We're not alone. Here I thought I was the only one!