Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thought of the Day #204 - More to Love

I watched More to Love the other night with anticipation, but ended up with a lot of cringing. Where did they get these women?? Please tell me it is NOT a random sampling of 20 fat women where 18 of them are so depressed about being fat and single to the point that they cry on camera and proclaim "I have soooo much love to give..." Instead, please tell me the producers handpicked these woe-filled women solely for the fullfilment of their goal of showing how fat women are *all* soooo sad.

The women on the show, by and large, are beautiful women wallowing in their sadly single lives. But, why are they single?? Because they're fat?? No, because they have shitty self esteem. Cure the dearth of self esteem and these girls would easily capture the heart of a decent guy.

Oh, and the bachelor that's on this show? He's annoying in his cloying attempt to suck-up to their self esteem issues (and the camera). If any guy were to come up to me and talk like he does to the women on the show, I would quickly walk far, far away. I'm not sure if he's talking the way he is because of the producers' prompting or if he really is that smarmy in real life. Whatever the reason, he's annoying. These girls deserve better.

I'll give it another week to see if it will get more annoying and insulting or if it was just a bad start.


Kim said...

Not to mention that each woman's weight is posted along with her age, occupation and height whenever she's interviewed! This does not happen on the Bachelor or the Bachelorette. Granted, this is a show about overweight women, but really, did they have to stoop to the level of posting their weight over and over again?!?! I was also interested to finally see some real women represented on a "reality" show, but I should've known better. And the bachelor? Don't get me started!!

Cat said...

Wasn't that crazy? Good thing is that on the second show, the weights and heights were gone. I'm sure that was thanks to the outcry about it.

Yeah, the bachelor on this show does nothing for me.