Friday, July 10, 2009

Thought of the Day #187 - Noise

Why is it that motorcycles can go around blasting engine noises seemingly without mufflers, but cars are limited to a certain decibel before getting pulled over by the police. I CAN'T stand how loud they are! Grrr.


Bobber said...

Cultural Expectations shaping laws and law enforcement????

Gary said...

Its funny you posting this as the same problem is where we live. Even though it is illegal for any vehical to have there muffler removed, they still do it. I have even called the police a few times about them but they don't seem to care about such minor event such as a noisy motorbike or car.

The main craze over here is suped up cars with big exhausts and engines which rumble so loudly that you have to wait for them to go past before hearing what you was listening to in the first place. Its awful.