Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Thought of the Day #178 - Buying Fat Clothes Online

I'm a stickler about fabric quality, but what chaps my hide most about
buying fat clothing online? The randomness of the sizing.

All plus-size sites have size charts which should "do the trick" in
finding appropriately sized clothes, but let me tell you...that is NOT
the case. When a clothing item arrives in the mail, the excitement
rises. "Maybe this will be the time when THE perfect fit arrives??" Or
will it be too small? Too large? Or will it obviously be made by a
manufacturer that has no clue how to cut larger sizes. In the last
instance, you'll find arms several inches too long or necklines made
for gorillas because they simply added inches *everywhere*. (Fat people
don't necessarily have larger skeletons than their thin counterparts. I
know, it's shocking.) The sizing is a virtual crapshoot. If you're a
fat woman, you know...oh, yes, you know.


Canor63 said...

I no it is Vegas in the summer, but if you are indoors, how about Margo Tenenbaum from the Royal Tenenbaums? Plain single color dress, big fur coat, hidden cigarettes and that 1920's blond shear cut wig and a ton of mascara.

Or how about Melanie Daniels the main character from Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds". If you can find or sew a fairly plain skirt and suite from the 1960's and attach a few birds from a craft costume with red blotches on the spots by the birds heads, in cluding one on your head with small makeup gashes on your face. It would not be too warm and easy to pack.

Those are a couple ideas.