Monday, June 29, 2009

Thought of the Day #176 - Upselling

I really, really hate "upselling" -- the pushy sales tricks to get you
to buy "just a little more...because it's a better deal." It happened
today at the optometrists. Lasik...coating for eyeglasses (if it's that
important, shouldn't you automatically put it on your lenses)... a
"service contract" to save x percent and get a free exam next time ...
get your eyes dialated (a good idea once in a while, but not everytime)
... etc, etc. Nothing makes me lose confidence and respect for an
establishment faster than upselling. I haven't been hit up this bad
since my 18 year old cat was ill and they suggested I needed a 3-D
image of his heart to see if there were things wrong. He was 18...more
than likely there were definitely things wrong, but would a 3-D image
of his heart cure him? Of course not...the 7K open heart surgery
*might* do that. Just insane.

I think it especially irritates me because vets and optometrists have
you by the nards. You love your animal, but he's sick. And, you love
your eyesight and need a prescription in order to see properly.