Sunday, June 28, 2009

Thought of the Day #175 - Air Burial


Crazy lookin' birds, but soooo awesome, too. I haven't ever seen them here in Utah before yesterday. I've only seen one in the wild a few years ago while trekking through Death Valley.

They reminded me of the concept of an "air burial" that is performed in some parts of the world. Basically, the body is chopped up and placed on a "air burial" platform or location where meat eating birds frequent. The birds eat the flesh and you ~soar~ into the afterlife (or lack thereof). While the idea is a bit creepy, there's a complete homage to the circle of life that I sincerely appreciate. In fact, if they offered that as an option here, I would definitely request it upon my demise.
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Gary said...

It's a nice idea, it's more nicer than being buried then being eaten by worms.