Saturday, June 27, 2009

Thought of the Day #174 - Fit for a Store

I was rearranging my fabric stash in my small office closet, and using
rubbermaid type bins, I sorted the fabric and unfinished projects.
Putting the bins back in the closet, it became painfully obvious that
the angled sides of the bins is not designed for saving space in a
closet. As a Twitter pal pointed out...the angled sides are meant to
ease the stacking of empty bins. Ah, yes, it's more important to have
hundreds of bins available on the shelf, even though a different
squarer shape would be better for people who will be using the bins.
Interesting concept and it explains why I cannot find square freezer
bins. Bastids. Worry about the consumer, please??


Kimmy said...

Sure there's square freezer containers!

Cambro CamSquare® Containers:
These CamSquares Food Storage Containers are the perfect complement to the larger Food Storage Boxes. Complete with innovative features for finding the right lid for the container, these CamSquare Containers are the best choice for storing and transporting food in your foodservice operation.