Saturday, June 27, 2009

Thought of the Day #173 - Heat & Mood

On really hot days, I start off in the morning feeling pretty chipper. I
love the coolness in the early morning light. My mood is good and I'm
often pretty ambitious. As the day wears on and the temps climb into
the ninties, my mood sours. I don't want to do *anything* and I really
don't even want to talk to anyone. Getting a glass of ice water seems
like a chore. My contacts end up drying up, too, which only worsens my
mood. Grrr. Of course, by the time the sun gets close to setting, I'm
back into "normal" mode and willing to socialize. By the end of the
night, I suddenly realize I've got central air, so why am I not using
it?? Because, in the early day, it seems that I don't find it
necessary. By the afternoon rolls along, I'm too sour to bother. Oh,