Friday, June 19, 2009

Thought of the Day #166 - CNN & Twitter

Apparently Arnold Schwarzenegger had an emergency landing and "tweeted"
about it on CNN received an official statement from the
governor's office, but they made a bigger deal over the tweet. I think
they're either 1. forgetting that a social networking site isn't an
official news source or 2. they are "in bed" with for
future financial gain. I'm really betting on the latter. All to much
news on there is now Twitter-centric. While I think there is some
validity to the medium, I don't think it should be a main source.

I'm also going beyond my previous totd about news and social networking,
and going to assume that tweets are easier to hack and spoof than even
emails. To start, there's no SSL security when posting tweets on the
web. Just makes me go hmmmm even more. Be careful out there!