Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Thought of the Day #163 - Wireless Thieves

Have you ever stolen an internet connection? You know...you're in a strange place, need to check something online and you randomly find an unsecured wifi network? And you connect to it?? You know you have if you have a laptop. Admit it!

I understand that it's illegal in some places, but I'm starting to think with the extent of broadband availability throughout the country that soon we will all have free wifi unsecured networks. (Well, unless the greedy bastids (you know who you are) decide that free anything is wrong...'cuz they could make money off of you!)

If I could feel safe and not worry about greedy hackin' bastids, I would open up my connection to the general public. I use my broadband connection for work and whatnot, but I rarely use up all bandwidth that's available. If I could have ~priority~ to the bandwidth and grant free access to non-hacker types, I would. Would you??


Gary said...

Yes I agree. We are planning to have a country wide wifi signal too. Of course this will be monitered and firewalled like mad, and will probably be a much lower speed than you get in the home. The country wide wifi will be there for browsing, and using applications like chat, and more more than likely allow streaming such as youtube or music, which is all good...

However, i am not sure it will deter hackers and nasty net people because of there usage. Hackers use the net for illegal things such as piracy and distrubution which is why they hack other peoples accounts in the first place.

I wouldn't mind someone else using some of the bandwidth I have for say looking up stuff and the occasional browse but not the hackers.