Friday, June 12, 2009

Thought of the Day #159 - Synchronous Names

It bothers me sooooo much when my "catay" name is taken on websites as a username. I started it. It's mine, mine, mine. Ok, fine, the other "catay"s out there that are actually called "Catay" and mine is strictly a nickname, but it's almost a trademark for me now. I use it everywhere I can. A synchronous online definition of who my online persona wants to be. So, when I heard that Facebook was allowing users to create named links at EXACTLY 10:01pm, I thought...I GOTTA BE THERE! Of course, long about 11PM, I remembered. Luckily, was available. Wooooohoooo!


marsjanin said...

Crazy Girl. ]:>
More humility, LOL. :D