Saturday, June 06, 2009

Thought of the Day #153 - EA Active for the Wii

I've had the Active program for 10 days and have completed eight 22
minute workouts. So far, I like it a lot!

I've had some trouble fitting the leg strap (it fits my knee, but just
barely), so all of my workouts have been cardio and upper body...and
consequently it's sweetly low impact. I am planning on getting a pair
of stretch pants and apply a little pocket to hold the wii nunchuck,
so eventually, I'll get on to the full workouts. Until then, I am
skipping the leg pain.

There are several things I like about it. For one, unlike wii Fit,
someone supersize like me can still use this product. (Yes, fat people
do exercise!) The Active product does limit the profile weight to 300,
but it doesn't affect product play, unlike Fit which basically kicks
fatties off the machine. The best I can figure, your weight is used in
Active solely to calculate calorie burn during the workouts.

I also like that all of the exercises are available in three levels, so
if you're a workout lightweight, the low impact ~ease into it~ level is
great! Some are waaaay too slow for me, but I can imagine for elderly or
infirm, it would be perfect.
If you're used to working out in a gym regularly, this might be too
simplistic? I don't know for sure.

Finally, it's overwhelming positive motivation from the digital
trainers. From what I've heard about wii Fit, it's pretty rude and
nearly insulting. Who needs that??

Briefly, if you're looking to get a little bit more active, give EA
Active a try!