Thursday, June 04, 2009

Thought of the Day #151 - Lemonade

Why is it so blasted hard to find genuine (read good!) lemonade? So many
restaurants and beverage places offer the reconstituted powdered
lemonade. You know, the "dusty" lemonade. The kind of crap that doesn't
really make you pucker, but rather there's a dry scratchy feeling from
the added acid and that dull flavor that makes ya want to cough? Yeah,
that stuff. There was a place in Minnesota that offered a partially
real lemon drink that was mixed with 7-up, that was *ok*, but something
about it always made me puff up. Something mysterious about that.
Anyway, I know lemons are pricey, but c'mon! It's relatively easy to
make. I make it at home once in a while and it's always yummy. Lemons,
sugar and water. Why can't I get this in a restaurant situation? Even
at 5 bucks a glass? Pretty please??


Gary said...

I couldn't drink the lemonade in the US as its really different to the way we have ours. Ours is always fizzy, imagine orange fanta but lemons instead of oranges. Also its clear here and not cloudy like fizzy water. It was one of the interesting little culture shocks I discovered.