Saturday, May 16, 2009

Update on My Dad

It now looks like my dad didn't suffer a stroke, but rather had
metabolic encephalopathy due to several infections his body is
battling. They can't confirm the stroke without an MRI, and he can't
have an MRI due to his pacemaker, so metabolic encephalopathy sounds
like a good explaination for now. He's still in the hospital, but they
expect him to leave in a couple of days.


Marsjanin said...

Good to hear that.

Shannon said...

I hope he's feeling better soon!

Bobber said...

I hope he is doing better soon too, Cat. It must be hard to be in UT with him elsewhere.

Gary said...

Thats great news. :)

Cat said...

Thanks for all of the well wishes! He should be coming home from the hospital today.