Monday, May 25, 2009

Thought of the Day #141 - Economic Recovery?

Listened to a few economic theorists tonight on CNN, and they briefly
mentioned that the recovered economy may not ever return to "normal"
and that consumer spending habits may forever be changed.

It made me think that there has been shifts to this change for quite
some time prior to the full market tumble. The movement to buy away
from the major corporations or make it yourself -- the "crafting
revolution" that was born online and supported through sites like; the "buy local" movement; and the CSA (Community Supported
Agriculture) blossom -- all happened long before the crash. I foresee
that these once small trickles in the economy will be more of a driving
force as part of the economic recovery or in lieu of a recovery. I, for
one, see this as a huge positive in the often dark predictions.