Sunday, May 24, 2009

Thought of the Day #139 - LODs

I'm writing this from a shitty-ass hotel room that we were lucky to get
'cuz "winging it" in Vegas on a holiday weekend is a bad idea. (By the
way "shitty-ass" is a generous descriptor.) Outside the window I can
hear several Loud Obnoxious Drunks (LODs). I also experienced on
particularly bad LOD in the casino earlier. Let me just say for the
record...LODs are never as entertaining as they think they are.

If you suspect you are a LOD, please pay close attention next time
you're "partaaaaaying." If people slap, ignore, or point at you and the
latter are security and or police, yet you think you're the life of the
party, you are not. You are just a LOD.