Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thought of the Day #135 - USPS

I thought today, I'd give kudos to an organization that rarely gets any
praise -- The US Postal Service. Do any amount of business through the
mail, and you've certainly experienced a lost or delayed package. With
the amount of mail, I'm surprised that the number of lost parcels isn't
higher. But that's not my thought today...my thought today is in praise
of USPS's free parcel pickup service. Simply fill out a form online the
night before you want packages picked up, and your regular postal
carrier will go to the spot you designate to pick up the packages
during their normal stop at your house.

For me, having a lot of sales on Ebay and now Etsy, it's saved me hours
and hours waiting line at the local PO. I'm not exaggerating--I've
literally saved hours a month. Over a year's time, I've saved days!
It's absolutely one of the best things that USPS has done over the past
couple of years.

Combine this handy pickup service with online postage printing, and I'm
one happy customer.

Tomorrow, I have 15 packages that will be waiting on my front porch. If
I had to schlep these in my Beetle, I would have to take at least two
trips. BIG packages. Instead, I'll just put 'em out and off they go
'round about 2pm. Thanks, USPS!


Gary said...

YAY. Not enough people get praise nowadays for doing a great job. Everyone is eager to complain when crappy service is done.

Once I had a great service at a McDonalds and the staff was really nice and polite, the food was fresh and very tasty. I felt good afterwards and wrote to the customer feedback thing on their website. I got reply saying I am sorry about the poor service with the Mcdonalds branch I went to. I had to write back saying no, I am actually praising them and want you to pass the good feedback on. I think because they are so used to getting bad feedback they just sent me the automated response without reading my letter. True story.

All hail to good service.

Cat said...

Oh, that is funny, Gary, and sad. Good on ya for sending kudos for good service!

Anonymous said...

I *LOVE* the USPS package service!! I don't have a lot of packages but it's really convenient when I do. I love being able to print out the postage and leave the package on my porch for the mailman. It's probably been at least a year now since I've had to go to the post office.