Saturday, May 16, 2009

Thought of the Day #133 - Silent Cars

I've read about legislators requiring engine noises in nearly silent
cars to keep blind people and other pedestrians safe. While I believe
there are other ways around this problem, like motion or car detectors
that the blind could carry along with them. But, I was thinking that
is electric cars are required to make noise, let's have them
customizable noises much like we have ring tones? Some could chirp like
birds and others could play Looney Toons songs. The possibilities are


William said...

All I need is a clothespin and some old baseball cards to solve this problem. Also the car would also have to have spoke wheels.


Bobber said...

Well, spoked wheels would be easy for a British sports car or a Model A Ford.

Actually, if everyone could choose their own noise for the blind, I have a feeling the streets would sound like they were full of ice cream trucks and rude noises. ;-) A single easily identifiable noise might be better, tho certainly not as much fun. I wonder if some enterprising soul would come up with a noise maker you could stick on your bumper like those little whistles they sell that supposedly warn off deer??

Cat said...

I would really prefer the cars stay silent, and those wishing to be notified of cars get a "receptor". What if the cars gave off a signal and the receptor beeped when a car was moving toward them? So many options.