Friday, May 15, 2009

Thought of the Day #132 - Goals

I've never been good at making goals. You know, the kind where you might
say, "In 10 years, I hope(or plan/will) to be (fill in your wish)."
Yeah, never really had an urge to do it, except when asked such things
in interviews.

But, as I'm close to the half-way point in life, I'm starting to think,
"Shit...I'm just adrift...with no real plans nor goals." I'm fairly
successful in my career, so while that's financially acceptable, I do
often wonder if I could have done soooo much more. Made a difference in
the world?

Maybe if I had set some goals in my early 20s? Ah, I dunno. How many
people who make goals actually complete them? I would think, to, that
if you set out with unrealistic goals, yet fostering sincerity in your
dream, it would be quite disheartening to fail. Could that lead to a
depressing existance? Maybe it's better to not have goals, or just keep
them simple like, "Be alive in 10 years?" Ya can't get much more
simplistic than that.


Gary said...

I know exactly what you mean. I was saying to my friend not so long ago that at school, there were always kids who knew exactly what they wanted to be, say engineer, architect, accountant, lawyer. The kids then continued to do well and go and study the relevent stuff and now got where they want to be through planning. I wish I had set some major goals from late teens, early twenties and I would probably be set up nicely now.

I sometimes wonder if i was like that squirrel in that fable. The one where he wanted to play and party instead of storing his nuts for a rainy day. Now its raining.

Bobber said...

At any point in your life, Cat, it is a starting point. Never to late to set goals or to do something different. I do know what you mean, and most of my life has been good luck than goal setting. I suppose some of how we view our lives is also our perspective on living. I may not have done some things that I suppose that I could have, but I have been able to turn situations into opportunities in themselves. Blind luck and a willingness to make lemonade from lemons has given me what I view as a charmed life, even when the best laid plans have gone astray. But that is just how I view things and I suppose that is more passive than aggressively seeking some outcome.