Sunday, May 10, 2009

Thought of the Day #127 - Gardens Goood

It's obvious, I know, but gardens are awesome. I say this after having a
yummy strawberry-rhubarb crisp which utilized the rhubarb from the
garden. Rhubarb is such an easy perennial that lasts for years and
years. Maybe I should be praising perennials, more than just garden far this year, rhubarb, asparagus, parsley, tarragon,
rosemary, thyme are all available for picking without hardly any work.
Gotta love that.


Gary said...

Thats so awesome. I thought asparagus was quite difficult to grow? Home grown food tastes so much nicer than food got from the store. Home grown tomatoes especially. Yum.

Cat said...

Asparagus is's the 4 years it takes to get to harvest that's a bitch. Luckily, you can buy three year old roots that can produce the following spring and for years and years and years and years after that.
I love homegrown tomatoes, too. Absolutely no comparison to the store bought crap.