Friday, May 08, 2009

Thought of the Day #125 - Goldilocks

No bears in this post, but there is a chair that's too big for me. Papa
Bear's chair aka the office chair I recently bought online is huge.
It's wide, which I like, but at 5'5" tall, this chair is just a bit to
high for me. When I sit in it, I can't comfortably put my heals to the
floor, even when the chair is in it's lower position. My last office
chair served me well, but the tension holds on two of the wheels were
well worn, and they would fall off the chair fairly often. So, now I've
got Papa Bear's chair until I can 1. find some matching replacement
wheels for my old chair, 2. grow longer legs or always wear heels, or
3. buy a new chair, which is always iffy business for fat people.
Finding a reasonably priced chair that support me 8 hours a day and
last for more than a year's time is tricky. I best start taking some
human growth hormone to see if I can extend my legs' reach...


Anonymous said...

I'm taller than you... 5'8" and have the same problem! I buy Big and Tall chairs for the extra room, but then they're usually too high off the ground. Why do they assume big people are also tall?? :( I've been through a few chairs in the last few years looking for the perfect office chair.


Gary said...

Its quite the opposit over here. With anything that made for fat people, it seems to be for short people too, especially clothes.

That chair sounds fantastic, I want one!!

Cat said...

Kathy, let's send our chairs to Gary! :-)

Anonymous said...

LOL... Maybe we can do an international chair exchange!