Sunday, May 03, 2009

Thought of the Day #121 - Fitting the Fat

I've watched a few "International House Hunters" on HGTV, and have been
especially impressed at the small size of the flats in Europe...and
then it dawned on me.... We're animals and we potentially adapt to
surroundings as any other animal. What if we are fatter in the West due
to the amount of potential growth space??

As an example, if I grew up in a flat in Paris and the bathroom was the
size of one of my current thighs, I probably would have adjusted my
eating/activity level in order to be able to use the bathroom.

In the West, McMansions are VERY common. Master bedroom suites are the
size of European homes. So, with the size of the rooms, maybe
consciously or completely subconsciously we allow ourselves to be

Or maybe it has to do with population density? In overpopulated
countries and cities in Asia, you don't find very many fat people. Why
is that? In the midwest of the US, you'll find less densely populated
areas...and more fat people, too. Coincidence?? I propose that it is

(Ok, I don't necessarily believe it, but it is a theory...)


Kim said...

I currently live in a 380 sqft apartment in NYC. I weigh 300lbs. I've not lost a pound in the two years I've lived here!

Cat said...

Dang! There goes my lame theory.
Thanks for the comment!

Gary said...

Yes sorry it doesn't work. I have lived in many a places where I have to duck to get under the doorframes. I haven't shrunk, just either got a bad back or a bump on the head when I forget to duck.

bobber said...

As for McMansions, I always wondered if the elephantine furniture that seems to flood the furniture stores these days wasn't designed to fill up all that wasted space??? We bought an armchair once a few years ago and had it delivered, only to find out that it was even larger than we'd thought in the store. In our smaller 1970s designed living room, it took up an inordinate amount of space, and we sent it back and bought another chair that was smaller and fit more appropriately in that era's homes.

Also, I have wondered if the larger space in McMansions wasn't just to justify the inflated prices of these homes or to simply provide space for more junk?? When you drive by an open 3 car garage and see no cars inside, but rather a heap of "stuff" filling it, one also has to wonder if a large garage is less a garage and more of storage unit??

Cat said...

Gary, Maybe your children will be shorter due to your needing to duck all the time? :-)

Bobber, I think you're dead-on with the space for more junk. With the retail driven economy, it only makes sense to have 15 foot closets and three car garages filled with crap.

Thanks to you both for your comments!