Saturday, May 02, 2009

Thought of the Day #119 - Wannabe Sick-o

So, I understand that there are emergency rooms being flooded with
wannabe swine flu victims. They come in with sniffles and minor coughs,
and because of the news coverage, they believe they're on death's door.
I'm guessing that none of these people have ever had a flu before,
because if they had, they'd know how genuinely crappy the flu makes
you. The aches, chills and overwhelming fatigue combined with the "kill
me now" thoughts that race through the head. More than likely, you
wouldn't be able drag your own sorry ass to the ER. So, if you're not
feeling like death-warmed-over, it's not the flu. Just turn off the
news and drink plenty of liquids, you probably just have a cold, and
you'll see the sun shining in a couple of days.


Gary said...

I think the signs of swine flu is when you sneeze and squeel at the same time, or even cough and oink.

cough'n'oink sounds funny. That should be the new name for swine flu.

Cat said...

Cough'n'oink sounds like a veterinarian's office.