Friday, April 10, 2009

Thought of the Day #99 - In Honor of CindyG

The "flabulous" CindyG died on Wednesday night. I just want to give a
final shout-out and thank you to a pioneer in the pictorial fat
acceptance movement online.

A little over eleven years ago CindyG had a Geocities site which
displayed photos of her "flabulous" 500+lb frame. She was one of the
first to do so, and she did it with gusto and humor. She started a
photo of the week page on her site, and I thought, "what a great idea!"
And with that, my "Photo Selection of the Week" portion of my site was

She was a positive influence to me and many others over the years and
for that I'm grateful. Thanks, CindyG.


Gary said...

Oh no that is terrible news. I remember in the early days of the internet that she was one of the first well known BBW's and her attitude towards the big is beautiful was a warm welcome.

Very sorry to hear that she had passed away and I am sure she will be missed by many FA's and BBW's around the world.

RIP CindyG xx

bobber said...

Sorry to hear about that too, Cat. I remember her as a pioneer too. Sad news, I am sure, in the BBW community.