Thursday, April 09, 2009

Thought of the Day #98 - Sexting

I don't believe sending nude or explicit photos via phone text aka
"sexting" should be illegal for teens nor adults. Espescially if it's
the individual sending their own picture. Seriously, how *dirty* is a
nipple at 5 pixels wide or a penis at 20 pixels long??

What should be illegal -- the sh*tty quality photos that are taken with
phone cameras. Grainy, blurry and nearly colorless...*that* is


bobber said...

I heard an interesting comment on the radio (NPR) a while back which, in a nutshell, said that even when kids (21 and younger) send and post stuff of themselves naked to any extent or in what could be construed as "suggestive" poses, they could be opening themselves up for investigation/litigation on grounds of "child pornography" and/or exploitation by some agencies of state, local, and federal government. Even a "harmless", victimless "mooning" could be construed that way.

It seems a bit drastic interpretation to me, but the people discussing this were all persons concerned enforcing laws affecting child endangerment issues. If these young people can be caught up in this kind of litigation, it would, unfortunately, be the sort of thing that would/could follow them in much the same way as tho they had been sexual predators, and that would be a shame, to me, for someone who just thought that they were showing their butt or bosoms as a joke or come-on among their pals.

I admit too, Cat, that the photos from my little cell phone at 1.3 MP are pretty crappy, but the ones from my son's Blackberry at 3.3 MP are almost as good as my previous camera! I'm afraid that is what they are up against. Seems silly to me as well, but I guess it's a measure of the society at its extremes that we have today and what some are trying to save kids from, other than themselves.