Friday, April 03, 2009

Thought of the Day #92- Business Greed

Why do people starting business want to "make it big"; to make millions of dollars??Don't get me wrong, having a lot of cash is a good thing, but I think there's a limit in how much one would "need" to be comfortable. Why not start a business and hope that you make 200,000 a year, which would be quite comfy for most people? I hope that going forward from this economic disaster, business owners seek to make quality over quantity and seek just modest gains. Grow slow and reap the rewards of NOT being on the stock market. Just say no to IPO!


bobber said...

Don't get me started, Cat. I will only say that as I look at it, much of the "greed" in today's business world came when there was generational change at the top of many businesses of all sorts. And which generation might that be? My own, the Boomers. I'm sure some will dispute this, but I certainly had ample opportunity to see this take place when I worked for a Corp. HQ in the 1980s and 90s. The old guard (my parents generation) were often very different from the "young turks" from my generation. No commune starting, "digger" mentality amongst this supposed hippy influenced generation. No, the fast and easy buck and the churning of capital was far more part of their mentality than focusing on a product, production, and the building of a company into a sustainable means for a profit.

As I have often said, we went from a "progress is our most important product" corporate mentality to a "profit is our most important progress" one.

Cat said...

Excellent points, Bobber. Thanks for posting!