Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thought of the Day #116 - Emotional Infants

Over the past few days I've had a few run ins with "emotional infants".
You know the ones...the adults who openly mock fat people or other
people with obvious differences.

I've had lifelong experience with these people and have come to theorize
that they're missing "something." I mean, seriously, can you imagine
yourself openly mocking a stranger about anything?? Most adults can not
and do not.

So, what sort of missfire is going on in these emotional infants? For
years, I've held the belief that they choose to insult others in order
to feel better about themselves. But, I think it may go deeper than
that. Where is the void? Could it be a genetic issue? Often these
people do have a certain look to their eyes. So maybe it is genetic? Or
does the look to their eyes develop over years of familial or societal
abuse? Maybe a combination? (Another nature/nurture question, just like
the recent color ToTD).

Poor public behavior is such a curious phenomenon. I think most people
experience it at some point, but there are those of us who are steeped
in the societal research whether we want it or not. My research will
continue. If I come to a definitive conclusion, I'll let ya know.