Saturday, April 25, 2009

Thought of the Day #113 - Money In the Dirt

Hidden treasures in the ground never ceases to amaze me. Bottles,
insulators, dolls, sculptures, etc, all trash from a bygone era is now
collectible. Before I moved down here, I had no idea. If you take a
quick tour of eBay's antique bottle sales, you'll see thousands and
thosands of bottles being sold every day. Most don't sell for more than
a few dollars, but occasionally you'll see the 10K+ bottle on there.
Most of these things were found buried in the ground. Long before there
were garbage haulers, people dumped their trash in outhouses or pits in
the backyard. 150 years later, the poop, paper and other biodegradable
pieces are gone, but the glass and porcelain remains.
It's an odd, dirty and lucrative hobby. Yesterday, we unearthed several
hundred dollars worth of treasures. If some of the broken ones were
whole, it would have been thousands. You just never know until you're
in the dirt.


Gary said...

That is really fascinating. Where do you look? is it in your own garden?

Cat said...

Nah, usually in downtown Salt Lake City or in ghost towns in Utah or Nevada. If it's oooold (not England old or anything) it's bound to have something in the backyard's dirt.