Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thought of the Day #104 - Food Choices

I now rarely eat french fries. Most aren't that tasty and why eat
something if it's not very yummy nor good for your body? I'd rather
save the calorie expenditure on something I'll actually enjoy.

This has been a huge shift in mentality for me. Before, if it was on the
plate, and it was *ok* tasting, I would eat it. I'm getting pickier as I
get older, methinks, and I'm trying to listen more to what my body needs
and craves. It's tricky especially now that I'm starting to actually
know "hunger" due to the large amount of synthroid I'm on. (Who knew
about this hunger thing and didn't tell me??)

I'm not trying to lose weight, but rather get in touch with what I need.
I think as wee kids, we instinctively know what and how much our bodies
need to thrive, but we're lost in a field of advertising and
socialization surrounding food. Throw in emotional drama and we end up
eating things because they're there, we're stressed out and because the
television says we should consume, consume, consume.

I don't recall the person who said this...maybe Chopra? ...but
basically, we should be eating closer to the Earth. No, don't put your
ear to the dirt at dinner time! What it means is to eat things that are
less processed. So, a raw vegetable or fruit is one step from the Earth;
a grain shucked grain would be two steps; a cooked vegetable would be
two steps, too; a piece of animal flesh is three; a can of chili is
several steps; and a can of soda probably doesn't even rate on the
Basically, this theory is the opposite of all that is thrown at us ain
the advertising media. Nutrition and simplicty are rarely encouraged in
advertising. The less something is processed, the less potential for big
business profit, so why bother with simplicity?

Blah, blah...this could go on and on, but the theroy put simply: eat
simply and eat only what you like. I think this is possibly the best
way to secure good health.


bobber said...

Good Post, Cat!

I would only comment that something that has served me well was the old saw that says:

Eat like a King at breakfast, a Prince at lunch, and a Pauper at supper.

Even that is not that easy to do all the time, unless you have an iron hand on your life. I sure don't and never have, but I've tried to do this when at all possible.