Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thought of the Day #103 - Simplify Taxes

On this, the US income tax filing deadline day, I wish to plead for simplification, standardization and equalization in tax. You know, a truly, honest flat tax. No deductions for "farm hand tools" (actual deduction on Utah's forms). I think Utah was trying for a flat tax this year...they put "The Utah tax rate for 2008 is a single rate of 5 percent". If that was really the case, there wouldn't be a 20 page instruction booklet for the basic form and an additional deduction form specficially for mining expenses. STOP the specialized deductions for your buds in particular industries. Seriously (or srsly as they kids say 'cuz they don't have money for a proper education ;-) ). Just make it simple and fair. Ahem. Back to your tax forms, everyone.