Friday, March 27, 2009

Thought of the Day #86 - Eyeglasses

One can by a systemic medication like "plan b" aka "the morning after
pill" over the counter, but one can not purchase corrective lens
eyeglasses without a prescription. The optometrists union must be
pretty strong.

Granted, there are eye disorders that need to be discovered through
exams, so most people should get an exam at some point. But, four-eyes
should be able to purchase new glasses without a prescription within 12
months of purchase. They know if their prescription isn't as strong as
it needs to be. And, seriously, if the power of the lens is just a
little off, you can function quite normally -- it won't cause cancer,
convulsions while driving nor send your hormones into a tailspin, so
what gives? Again, that optometrist lobby must be real strong.


vesta44 said...

I got my eyes checked at Wal-Mart's optometry department, and told them I had to save the money before I could order my glasses. They wrote my prescription on a card and gave it to me without any problems at all so I could order my glasses whenever I wanted/wherever I wanted.
Anytime I get my eyes checked, no matter where I have it done, I always ask for a copy of the prescription for my lenses, telling them it's just in case I break my glasses when I'm on vacation or something, and need to get another pair. I've never been questioned on it, and never been questioned when I take that prescription in to have it filled elsewhere.