Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thought of the Day #83

I've been having fun with Twitter tonight by reading through Christopher
Walken's Tweets. So, so dry, and outrageously funny. See them here:

For your reading pleasure, here are a couple of sample Tweets, the last
of which isn't outlandishly funny, but rather "fat positive" which is
so often lacking in this world:

"Someone commended me for being "approachable." Okay. The truth is that
I'm easily distracted and don't notice people touching me right away."

"Someone asked where the horses came from in Manhattan . It seemed like
an odd question. You could see the bridge clearly from where we were. "

"Oprah is fat again is what I heard. She's a beautiful woman who would
do well to accept that. Let Gwyneth Paltrow be skinny and peculiar. "