Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thought of the Day #78

When I was in 8th grade, I wrote a paper about how religion was doing
more harm than good and that a world free of it may be better off. My
social studies teacher said I was sooooo wrong. Yet, here I am, decades
later, and I still believe it.

Don't get me wrong, nearly every religion teaches some basic beliefs for
universal harmony amongst our fellow men. Some people genuinely need
those guidelines, for whatever reason. For this, I am grateful.

The main problem is when religious beliefs and differences cause hatred
and strife with disparate religions and cultures. We all need to *live*
together, and any religion that teaches otherwise really needs to be

Also, localized "feuds" between dissimilar religions - protestants vs
catholics in N. Ireland, baptists vs LDS in Utah and elsewhere, etc, -
has led to pained history and regurgitated hatred. Why? What's the

I could go on, but won't.
So, give me your best shot. Tell me why religion makes the world a
better place?


Gary said...

I cannot. I agree totally. The fundamental parts of religion about how we are all equal and are all gods children etc etc are over shadowed by mans flaws. Religion teaches us all to get along in a nutshell but we fight for our beliefs. That their is where the problem lies. Its kind of the fight for peice contradiction as it won't ever happen. That right there is why man is why religion in the human race doesn't mix. Its in our blood it seems to fight for what ever reason. Whether its beliefs, race, creed or even down to the sports team we support ( living in a country where football riots are common). Giving religion to us is like giving a gambler money. They don't know what they should use it for.

I am not part of any religious sect and have never been baptised into any, and I am glad of it. It is easier to see the flaws looking from the outside in.

It is one of those subjects that can go on for ages, but I will stop there too :)

Gary said...

Sorry for the grammatical errors. I tend to type quickly when I rant :)

bobber said...

Many of the feuds arise, IMO, from insecurities that many adherents seem to feel within themselves about their relationship with their own religion. Frankly, Cat, I think this true among any group, political, cultural, what have you, and is a source for much of the antagonism between themselves and the rest of their world.

The "need" to be "right" seems to arise out of this most often, as I have experienced life, and those who are well grounded in their own beliefs and values have generally not been as threatened by difference as those who are not. The fierceness of that "hatred" that some seem to have, reflects, I think, the level of insecurity that those people feel as they look out at the larger world and see that difference is a much larger thing to deal with than the world of values and beliefs that they carry inside themselves. JMO

Katharina said...

First time on your blog. This subject jumped out at me because I wrote the same speech for ninth grade debate. My teacher for that class should NEVER have been a debate instructor because she had very conservative views and was biased on which team she sided with. I remember once when debating the pros and cons of gay marriage, my team easily shot down the other team by asking them to "find a reason outside the bible for preventing these marriages from happening." They had nothing. Not a one and eventually just wound up conceding that there was no reason at all two people of the same sex couldn't be married. This was when the teacher stepped in and informed us that the word of God was the reason for everything and (not joking) that the homosexuals would find their place in eternal hell fire and damnation for their lusty sins. Even the conservative children looked offended and surprised. The same teacher rolled her eyes at my paper on the dark side of religion and gave me an F. For the semester.

I have since then always praised the seperation of church and state. Your morals are your morals and I see no reason others should suffer for your choices. Religion(or lack there of) is a choice and should not be used into scaring people into believing your word.