Monday, March 16, 2009

Thought of the Day #75

The weather today was beautiful. I was outside today and without the
cover of a jacket, the warm breezes felt lovely. Usually at this time
of year, my mood matches the weather, but this year is different. I'm
hanging on to my winter gloom. Mental clouds are hanging low despite
the sunny days. I'm hoping to snap out of it at some point soon, but
soon seems like a longshot. I'm sick of the disingenuous, greedy,
thoughtless mass of humanity that seems to be growing at an unbelievable
rate. It's soooo discouraging. Bah!!


Mars said...

Today in Poland is very windy. And quite warm, also, about 9°C. All around smells spring. :)

bobber said...

Just keep your eye on the Donut, Cat, and not the hole. I agree that the general craziness you speak of seems like it's growing, but I am not convinced that it is anything more than folks finally having to face things in their lives that they have been able to evade for too long, and just don't know yet how to deal with them and come out the other side better people than they were. That may seem overly optimistic, but I think time will tell. Hang in there, Cat, and just continue to be the positive person you've always been.