Monday, March 09, 2009

Thought of the Day #68

If you've been watching the Food Network for the past few years, you may
have noticed the increased attention that is placed on hand washing.
Previously, you may have seen the hosts just wipe their hands, now
you'll see closeups of the hands under the faucets. This is on every
show, so it makes me think that either there was legislation that
prompted the change or Food Network was sued by some yahoo who liked
their hands after handling raw meat? Something definitely prompted the
change. While I think it's probably good to mention it once in a while,
I do want to say that for hundreds and thousands of years people have
survived without soap and running water, we as humans can survive a lot
of bacterial visitors. Some say we actually get stronger when exposed.
So, are we doing a disservice being so stringent about "germs"? If
you've ever had food poisoning, you'd probably say NO!. Dunno, really,
my jury is hung on this.