Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thought of the Day #55

I got called to jury duty again! I don't have grand hopes for this court, though. I looked up the SLC Justice Court and apparently they typically handle only Class B & C misdemeanors and other low level crimes. This will not pan out into a week long civics display, unfortunately. At best, it'll be a quick DUI issue or domestic violence debacle. Looking at their calendar/docket for tomorrow, out of the hundreds items being handled, only three are full jury issues. Ah, well, after years of whining it's kind of cool to get called three times in just two years. Woot!


bobber said...

The pool of potential jurors must be pretty small if you keep getting called, Cat. After years of not being called in Boise, ID, I was like you and called twice and selected twice in 3 yrs. Both were cases like you mentioned and both seemed ridiculous to bring to court to us jurors. I was surprised that the courts didn't find other ways to deal with these issues than fill up their dockets with what we felt should have been dealt with by cousellors, not courts. C'est la vie!