Saturday, February 21, 2009

Thought of the Day #52

Why do we immediately white- wash individual history upon death? Do we
sincerely want to "forgive and forget"? Do we want to only remember the
good in hopes that our own personal histories will be similarly
cleansed? Are we simply lying to loved ones for fear they might be hurt
to hear the negative? Are we just "playing nice 'cuz every death reminds
us of our own mortality?

A local celebrity died yesterday, and despite stating that the
individual was "controversial", there was nothing negative covered. One
might think that ths person had suddenly grown a halo upon his demise
and flew far from the controversy. He was cleansed of his "sins" in the
public spotlight and has been chosen to live in silver lined clouds.
Lucky him.

It's just a curious media well as personal behavior, too.
It happens in families just as much as it does in the media. As my good
grandma used to say, "We don't talk ill of the dead."

But why? Why can't we say bad things if they're true??


vesta44 said...

I think it's because the dead aren't able to refute whatever ill is spoken of them. Even if bad things are said behind the back of a living person, that person is still able to refute it if/when they hear it.