Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thought of the Day #50

Regardless of your personal view on abortion or on the opposite side,
the "octomom"'s 14 kids, I wonder how healthy it is for a society to
put their nose into another's reproductive activity. Why do we have
strong opinions about such things? Shouldn't we focus solely upon our
family? In the case of overcrowding in China, is it OK for governmental
agencies to intervene? Why do we question the mental health of the
"octomom", but not that of a Catholic family with 20 kids? Why do we
selectively judge each other so harshly, yet given a similar situation
we would not want to be judged? Just throwing out questions...


Bobber said...


I have often thought that we do this as often as we do because it is as much a distraction from our own realities as it is that we actually have some strong opinion or belief or relatedness to the persons or subject under scrutiny.

Also, it sometimes appears to me that folks feel obligated to have an opinion when perhaps not having one or keeping one's opinion to oneself would probably be just as fitting and responsible.
JMO (see, I'm guilty too!)

Anonymous said...

she should give all those babies up that can be raised by a mother and dad that are fit to be excellent parents, not selfish,unfit child like her. what the were the fucking doctors thinking!!!!