Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thought of the Day #41

Do kids these days have the awe that I did (and do!) with glow in the
dark items? So many small things glow with batteries now, that it just
seems so commonplace to experience a softened glow in your hand. I
remember "powering" a little ghost finger puppet under a lamp and
spending hours marveling at its luminocity in the dark. I remember
thinking I had *the* coolest socks in school 'cuz I had GID socks. So
much fun, so few batteries. I'm writing this in the dark, and I have
the glow of my phone's screen in front of me, but it's not the same...I
want that awe back!


Gary said...

One favourite childhood toy, not just for me but the same for other friends was a torch. It brought out the sense of adventure going about in the dark it was so much fun. Also reading things in bed with it. I know what you mean about things now don't seem to have that same magic. Always a gadget for every occasion.