Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A new baby quilt

I was hunting around for some cute baby boy fabric for a new quilt a couple of weeks ago and came across this cute robot/rocket fabric by David Walker for Free Spirit fabrics. It's boyish, but not cloyingly so. I love the brightness of the orange and red with the baby blue, too. Soo, soo cute. I found it on Etsy.com, and immediately placed an order. I received the fabric last week, started workin' on the little quilt. Little quilts make for such quick work! I made a HUGE number of mistakes on it, and even ran out of thread while trying to fix previous errors, but all in all, it turned out pretty well. The boxes are meant to be "random", but with only six styles of fabrics in there, it almost seems to get pattern-y at places. Ah, well, what can ya do when you don't want to "over plan" something?
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Gary said...

That's an awesome quilt. Reminds me of the one my gran made me when i was little. It was a blanket made up from crochet squares. So many colours, it was great. You did a great job there :)

bobber said...

I don't why you worried about it, Cat, looks perfectly cute to me. Lucky little boy!