Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thought of the Day #20

I'm pleased the inaugural day has come to a close without any of my
fears realized. Now, the hard part starts. I hope that President Obama
surpasses expectations in the coming days, months and years. I have
high hopes, but realize that sincere change doesn't lie upon the
shoilders of just one man, but more importantly, it lies squarely and
solidly upon all of us.


Bobber said...

You are soooo right, Cat! For myself, at least, his Inaugural Address pretty much says it all.

We have plenty to do, plenty that we have deferred for too long. But at the base of it all is responsibility. Kinda like those Liberty Mutual ads on TV. Perhaps a new concept for some, but perhaps also something many people have hungered for without even realizing it.

Anonymous said...

just wait he WILL be like the rest!