Sunday, January 18, 2009

Thought of the Day #18

I had a dream last night that I had a prime hotel room in DC for the
inauguration. I ended up walking back and forth to my room as I kept
forgetting things as I was prepping for a day at the capitol mall. Last
time I left my room, I forgot my shoes, but decided to press on. I got
to the mall, only to see a small personal size jet flying out of
control. Circling much like a crashing helicopter. I stepped quickly
behing a building. I could see terror upon the faces of people directly
across the street from me. They had a clear view of the jet's movements.
I could hear it whirring, and all of a sudden, it flies just above the
street in front of me. Of course, I decided to hide behind a fire
hydrant...that would save me!! Well, I woke up at that moment.

I didn't realize the fear I have that something bad will happen at the
inauguration was so deep. Normally my fears don't play a large part in
my dreams, unless it's a true stress point.

2 million people in one small section of the city makes me stressed just
thinking about it. One small panic and the overly compressed crowd could
easily turn into a trampling beast. Aaack. Scary. I'm going to think
happy thoughts. Happy thoughts. Happy thoughts. :-)