Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Thought of the Day #13

Previously, McDonald's accepted the fact that their food could potentially cause large hips. In fact, they used to celebrate it:
But seriously, ladies and germs, I do get a giggle out of McDonald's renaming their "super size" fries as "large", even though the fry size stayed the same. (Go to mcdonalds.com at archive.org for proof of the new vs. old nutritional info and name change.)

I understand they're trying to combat the "obesity epidemic" through public perception. And, in a way, that makes sense since the "epidemic" itself is all perception and skewed statistics. Don't get me wrong, there are a LOT of fat people out there, I see them every day. But contrary to popular opinion, this didn't happen overnight nor is it as dire as they would like to say. In fact, I wonder if the fatter population is just protecting itself against the impending famine? Much like squirrels that store up more reserves for a harsh winter, maybe we as humans are preparing for economic/social collapse? Just a thunk.


ShannonCC said...

LOL! My beautiful grandmother (who I sort of take after ;-) told me that she was a "survivor". That in case of a famine, people like her (and me) would be the ones who lived because our bodies held on to fat so well. Let's hope we don't have to test that out any time soon! (she said, wringing her hands over the state of the economy).

me said...

I agree Shannon. The other reason, more and more people are immigrants from lands where famine is king. Those who survived were still "small" in their home country, but they eat well here. They are showing their survivability. In Mexico, very few people were considered fat 50 years ago, because the majority of the population could not afford to overeat, many of those people live here now and with food plentiful, they are just "showing their genes" in America. 100 Years ago, the newspapers mentioned the "virus and germ factor" of the immigrants, it resulted in the over-creation of anti-biotics in the 1940s to the 1960s, the media blitz on obesity is just another discriminatory way to make the new wave of immigrants feel like 2nd class citizens.